Fee for Design registration in IndiaOur professional fee for filing one READY TO FILE case of Design registration in India shall be:

A) Attorney fee of US$ 200

B) ACTUAL Design Office fee of US$18 for an individual applicant OR US$36 for a small firm OR US$72 for a large firm as an applicant.

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India Design Office Filing fee:

Applicant typeIndian RupeesUS$
Small Firm200036
Large Firm400072

Our Attorney fee for handling a Patent in India:

ParticularsIndian RupeesUS$
Consultation charges per hour or part thereof6000100
A search of Design Database12000200
Attorney fee for Filing a Design application12000200
Amendment of Specification due to objections6000100
Attending to serious objections at the Design office/hearing6000100
Alternatively – Fixed one-time ATTORNEY fee for filing & prosecution of application till registration of Design25000400

The above fee would be applicable for an application that does not face a third party opposition. Opposition proceedings are uncertain in degree and complexity, so a fee for these can not be predicted.

Our quotation to prosecute a Design Registration in India:
Our professional and administrative fee for filing one READY TO FILE Design application in India is (A) US$ 200. This includes attorney fees, stationery, and printing fees as well as handling fees.

The Official filing fee for Design Registration in India is:
(B) US$72 for a large legal entity, US$36 for a small legal entity, and US$18 for an individual applicant.

We charge different fees for various actions needed to be performed while prosecuting the application at the Design Office. A typical office action would be about US$100 while attending a hearing would cost about US$150.

Claiming priority would cost an additional US$75.

Alternatively, we offer you the option of paying a total of (C) US$400 as a professional fee for prosecuting an application up to grant. In this option, we commit ourselves to prosecute the application at the Design office till grant for a fixed one-time fee of US$400 and thereby protect you from making any unforeseen payment.

Thus the two options are:
1. Attorney fee for filing (A) US$200 + Design Office fee + Action based fee for prosecuting the application till registration/final disposal of the case.
2. ONE time fixed Attorney fee of (C) US$400 + Design Office fee + NO further fee for prosecuting the application till grant/final disposal of the case (Recommended).

We would require:
1. Name, address, and nationality of applicants.
2. The drawings in PDF/JPG format.
3. The certified copy of the priority documents.

You may directly call on +91.9860588440 or write a mail to info@bhagnari.com for further information and discussions.

Written by Mahesh Bhagnari, Patent & Trademark Attorney in India.