Bhagnari® & Co is a leading Patent and trademark law firm in India offering cost effective patent, trademark & design registration, litigation as well as prosecution. We specialize in drafting of Patent specifications, prosecution of PCT National Phase Patent in India, Trademark Registration in India and Design Registration in India.

Patent and trademark attorney in India

The Managing Principal of our firm is Mahesh Bhagnari who is Attorney at law (Bar Council Registration № MAH/1574/2003.) and authorized to practice in the Intellectual Property Office as a Patent Attorney in India, Design Attorney in India (Registration № IN PA 1108) and as a Trademark Attorney in India (Registration № 10742).

Although we are a Patent and Trademark law firm in India, we can assist you to file a Patent application in India, United States, United Kingdom, Europe as well as an PCT International Patent application. Our services include informing you about the procedure to acquire a Patent, advising you about the possibility of getting a Patent for your invention, conducting a prior art search across the world, drafting a patent application and all matters incidental to prosecuting the application. We also assist you to keep a watch on your patents and take legal action in case of an infringement. We draft the patent specification conforming to internationally accepted structure which can be filed in almost every country without further modifications.

Our attorneys have distinguished academic credentials. Our scientific expertise extends into all areas of electrical engineering, chemistry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, and genetic engineering, among other fields, and we work closely with the firm’s clients to ensure that they obtain maximum protection.

We provide more than just assistance in the technical areas of law, we are intellectual property strategists, counseling our clients on how to maximize the value of their intellectual property rights.

We believe that Intellectual property is a crucial business asset.

We also provide our services to enable you to exploit your invention commercially including licensing or selling your patents. Our associates will assist you to analyze the likely potential of your patents and ensure that you get the maximum benefits of your intellectual property.

Our services include:

PCT National Phase Patent in India

A PCT National Phase Patent in India is filed by submitting a copy of complete specification in English language; it must include a complete disclosure of the invention, drawings, claims and an abstract, along with a set of forms mentioning details of the applicant, inventors, priority as well as corresponding filing in other countries…Read more…

Patent in India

A Patent in India is a monopolistic protection granted to the applicant for an invention that has novelty and industrial use. A patent gives its owner an exclusive right to commercially make, use, distribute, sell or license the invention for financial profit….Read more …

Trademark Registration in India

A Trademark registration in India is a protection given to a name, symbol, figure, letter, word, logo, number, phrase, picture, packaging, slogan or any combination of these. A Trademark is a distinctive sign capable of distinguishing goods and services of one business from that of another….Read more…

Refusal of International Trademark in India

An international trademark filed under Madrid Protocol is often refused by the Indian Trademarks office if it is in conflict with an already used/registered mark or it is deceptively similar to or is identical to any of the registered trade marks…Read more…

Design Registration in India

A Design registration in India is a protection over the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or composition of lines or color or combination thereof applied to any article which gives it a distinctive visual appearance judged solely by the eyes….Read more…

Copyright Registration in India

Copyright registration in India is a protection given to the creators of a wide range of material, such as literature, art, music, sound recordings, films and photographs, rights enabling them to control the distribution and use of their material….Read more…

Drafting of Contracts/agreements

Contracts/agreements are the basic operating systems of any business, and a properly drafted agreement play a fundamental and important part to efficiently run a commercial relationship. In improperly drafted agreement have always formed an integral/fundamental part of commercial litigation.


Every patentee or licensee of a granted patent in India is required to submit a working status (statement) of the patent in India. The primary purpose of statement of working of a patent in India is to inform the Patent office that the patented invention has been made available to general public…Read more

What is a STATEMENT of WORKING of a PATENT in India?

Click here: Information about STATEMENT of WORKING of PATENT in India.

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Written by Mahesh Bhagnari, Patent & Trademark Attorney in India, at Bhagnari & Co.